Monday, 28 September 2015

The Top 5 Best Stargazing Spots in Northern Territory, Australia

If like many people you look up to the heavens in wonder at the universe, you will know that getting out of the city and into the outback is the best way to see clear skies filled with dazzling stars. Light pollution is a big factor in determining the quality of stargazing you will find, and with so many cities lit up at night around the world, there are few places that are far away enough from those cities to give you breath-taking views.

The Northern Territory in Australia is one of the very few places on earth that is close enough to civilization where unbridled stargazing is possible without a hint of light pollution to spoil your views. Crystal clear skies allow you to see all of the famous constellations, as well as some of the best views of the Milky Way you can find on Earth.

1. Alice Springs

Alice Springs is the ideal location to go camping in the outback and spend your evening under the dazzling night’s sky. You don’t have to go very far out of the main city to get the best spots, but with plenty of camping sites and specialist stargazing locations such as the Earth Sanctuary just North East of Alice Springs airport, you can gaze in style with the family.

2. Uluru

This famous natural monument is a beautiful backdrop for your adventure into the outback, and what better way to stage the biggest show on Earth than this historical aboriginal site. Located way out into the outback, Uluru features pitch darkness due to zero amounts of light pollution in the area, making it again one of the best stargazing spots in the world to see the night’s sky.

3. Tiwi Islands

These islands are a great way to get away from the mainland and away from all of the light pollution to watch an unfettered view of all the stars in the sky. Featuring many great stargazing points across a large area, the Tiwi Islands are a mecca for stargazers from around the world and it is easy to find a tour guide and star map within reach of the main tourist attractions. Watching the night’s sky from a coastal view can put a great perspective of the backdrop, making it a great spot for photographers!

4. East Point

This location is one for those looking to get a glimpse of the Milky Way that isn’t too far from your creature comforts. Stepping just minutes’ drive out of the main city limits you will find thrilling views of the stars and beyond from the perspective of the Timor Sea. Witnessing the galaxy up above and an endless horizon on the water makes for an unforgettable view that will stay with you for a lifetime.

5. The Red Centre 

The Northern Territory or the Red Centre is simply the best place to go stargazing in Australia. Featuring miles upon miles of endless red sand, it would be hard to find a better camping and outback adventure anywhere else. With hundreds of tours of the outback, sightseeing adventures and outback walks to go on, pitching your tent under the setting sun to reveal a simply stunning galaxy above your heads will be sealed in your memory for years to come.
Simply put, if you are a big stargazing fan, love astronomy and would love to see clear skies at night, the Northern Territory has it all. Add to this the tours and guides on hand to help you take photographs of the Milky Way, get a bite to eat and enjoy a fine drink, the Northern Territory must surely be on your to-do list for your next holiday adventure!

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